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Reinecker’s Bakery was founded in 1959, originally as Sowinski Bakery, when Richard J. Reinecker bought out his business partner.  In 1973 the bakery was moved to its current location at 8575 S. Freeway Drive, Macedonia,  Ohio 44056.  Many of the recipes used today are over 300 years old and were brought to the U.S. with Richard.  A MasterBaker  (Baeckermeister) from Germany, immigrated to the United States with his mother.  In 1961 Richard met his wife Magdalena and after a long courtship they married and had five children.  Today, three of the children currently own and operate the business with help from other family members, including mom.  The family business thrives and hopes to continue for many years.

Our philosophy is “if you make a quality product people will buy it.”  Our breads are not baked by many bakeries as they are very time consuming and labor intensive.  It takes us an average of twenty four hours to make a loaf of bread from start to finish.  We use only natural Sponge and Sour fermentation which can only be accomplished over time.  As well as scratch ingredients, and no preservatives.  Currently we sell to over 200 retail outlets in Northern Ohio and ship our bread vis UPS to well over 1500 customer across the USA.

Reinecker’s Bakery
8575 S. Freeway Dr.
Macedonia, OH 44056

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